How to start looking for a new job

No matter whether you are looking to upgrade yourself into a higher designation, for a career change or to start your professional life after graduation, finding the best matching employment can be pretty challenging. Hundreds of thousands of candidates are looking for jobs, just like you. The key is to stand out from the rest and prove that you are the best candidate. That being said, here’s how to start looking for a new job.


  1. You must have an OUTSTANDING resume

Without an outstanding resume, you shouldn’t begin your job search. Be sure that you prepare a convincing, persuasive and professional resume to match the job you are applying. There are no one-size-fits-all resumes; depending on the type of the position and industry, you will have to customize your resume. Be sure to keep it short and professional. In addition to that, you must write a really nice cover letter too.


  1. Make use of the power of networks

A solid network of professional contacts is a priceless aspect for any job seeker. To make it possible, you should start building a network of contacts as early as possible (even before the completion of your degree). Keep in touch with this network on regular basis. Such network can become incredibly useful when you are applying for vacancies that aren’t advertised anywhere.


  1. Use your best hours to search

It is not practical to hunt for jobs throughout the day. Therefore, you should identify your most energetic hours to find jobs. Be sure that nothing disturbs you during these hours. When you work with better energy, your chances of finding better results are more. For instance, if you work with fullest energy during 8-10 in the morning, that would be the best time to search for jobs.


  1. Do your research

You shouldn’t blindly apply for the jobs. To make your job search a more productive one, you must know the background, culture and other information about the respective company. Thanks to the internet, this is not a tough task at all these days. You can find company profiles in their official websites. You should use this information and see if you are going to match their profile.


  1. Don’t forget social media

Your social media account must be maintained professionally. You shouldn’t use it to harass someone or share unethical stuff; it must be presentable at any given time. Who knows, your employer can check your social media behavior too. Also, it is better to limit your social media profiles to a couple of platforms only (Facebook and LinkedIn are good choices to consider).


  1. Eye for the positions that aren’t vacant yet

This is another instance networking can help you a lot. You should keep an eye on your dream companies even if they don’t have any vacancies at present. At some time or another, the perfect vacancy might become available and it may not last long. To grab this opportunity, you should have already forwarded your resume probably through a contact in your professional network.


Besides, you should always add more qualifications to your profile even during the job hunt process. Pay more attention to your communication skills and interpersonal skills to enjoy a better success rate in interviews.


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