The top 5 job search mistakes you need to stop making

If you have been searching for a job for some time and aren’t getting a favorable result, there must be some mistake in your job search process. Take a look at the following list and see if you do any of the following mistakes during your job search.

  1. Taking the job search too lightly

A surprising number of individuals take their job search very lightly. They never consider how decisive it is to get a new job. They never consider proofreading their resumes. They often neglect the ‘impressive’ factor when preparing their resumes; instead, they settle for an OK resume. Most of such candidates have a common resume to forward. More often than not, their cover-letters have errors. Those are only a few examples of their carelessness.

If you are expecting better results from your job search, you must be very serious about your job search. Have an excellent resume prepared and proof read it, develop your communication skills and confidence and apply to the available opportunities as a fully potent candidate.

  1. Dishonesty

Many job seekers believe that it is totally OK to be dishonest when preparing a resume or facing an interview. However, fabricating your qualifications, skills and experience is a great risk in the business of job hunting. If you don’t have the minimum qualifications to get your dream job, don’t make them up; instead, you can work a little harder and be qualified for real. You should remember that employers are smarter than you think. So, don’t lie.

  1. Staying away from your network of connections

Many individuals surprisingly neglect the power of their network of contacts when it comes to job hunting. In fact, your network can be the fastest and best way to know about job openings related to your industry. At some point in your life, you will realize the value of this network of contacts you have. However, if you were disconnected from your network for a while, it can be exceptionally difficult to get connected to it in a hurry. Building a network of contacts is cannot be done overnight. You should call, email and meet your contacts whenever possible and keep your network updated for better results. Many individuals have acquired their dream job with the assistance of their network of contacts.

  1. Focusing only on employers who advertise their openings

You must know that about 75% of the job opportunities are never advertised; some employers rarely advertise their openings. So, if you limit your job search only to the companies who advertise their jobs, you are approaching only about 25% of the job market. So, you should list down the companies that match your criteria and apply. In other words, it is completely OK to apply for positions that aren’t vacant yet.

  1. Not being able to expose values clearly

Many candidates fail to explain and expose their values clearly to the decision makers. If you are such candidate, you may lose your opportunity even if you possess all the qualifications. What you must do is to study the background of the company, learn their culture and do plenty of research before applying and facing for their interview. Then, you must figure out a way to explain your values that are relevant to the respective company. The more relevant your values are, the better your chances will be.


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